Blogging and tweeting

Under pressure to blog or tweet? It’s something many business leaders are asked to do, and very few can find the time to do it.

There is an alternative: ask Clarity to do your blogging and tweeting for you. Of course it will take us a little time to get to know you and the kinds of things you want to say. But we’ll do it more quickly than you might imagine. And to start with, at least, we would expect you to read everything through before publishing. That won’t take much of your time.

At Clarity, we have a number of versatile and accomplished writers who are skilled in the art of ghostwriting. We make it our business to study you and the things you care about. Then, like the best actors, we find your tone of voice, and write the things you would like to write if you had the time.

Blog services

Typically, we will take on a commitment to blog on your behalf at reasonably regular intervals, say once a month. Then it will be easy enough for your personal assistant to turn those into tweets as and when you need them.

Discretion is an essential part of our role. So you will understand that this is one service for which we cannot provide testimonials!

Let us take the pressure off you. For a free consultation and quote, contact us now.